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Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. is an interdisciplinary team comprised of a Licensed Medical Doctor with a specialty in Child Psychiatry, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), and a Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP). The goal is to provide a comprehensive program that addresses the emotional, behavioral, and communication needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Many families face uncertainty upon receiving the diagnosis of autism for their child. It is during those times that families are overwhelmed with emotions of fear because of the unknown. Our psychiatrist is available to address those fears and provide support to ensure the success of the ABH program.

Our BCBAs and RBTs observe the Behavior Analyst Certified Board Guidelines for practice. Our ABA based programs in conjunction with the emotional support provided by our psychiatrist ensure the most optimal treatment program available.

Communication is a skill deficit often exhibited by individuals with autism. Our licensed SLP will collaborate with the BCBAs to ensure that the communication deficits are addressed not only from a behavioral standpoint but to assist in determining if the goals created are appropriate and individualized to the mechanics and production of speech and language.

Through our interdisciplinary approach, Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. will improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and other related disorders by using evidence based practices.

Mike Pearson
   Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a Business Management minor. He is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the applied behavioral health field.

For Mike, it all began his freshman year in college when he met a small child with autism in an introduction to psychology class. He immediately pursued a job as a behavior technician and began providing one-on-one therapy for the next few years. Mike formed a friendship with the child’s parents and remains in contact with the family and routinely checks in on them to find out the progress and to see how they are doing.

Prior to forming Advanced Behavioral Health, Mike was instrumental in the success of an applied behavior analysis agency . Over the course of a decade, the company grew from 3 employees to over 140. Mike was involved from day one and directly responsible for operations, infrastructure and marketing that allowed for the company to scale and to serve hundreds of clients each month.

Watching the company grow, Mike identified and overcame many obstacles through the course of daily operations. His passion for serving others evolved into a need to contribute more to the field and clients so he formed Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. a boutique applied behavior analysis agency where family comes first. The family of our team members and the family of each client we serve is our number one priority.

Mike and his wife reside in Orange County, California. He enjoys spending time with his two children and on any given weekend you can find him coaching his kids soccer games, basketball games or giving back to the community by volunteering with his church to feed the homeless.

Matt Tritto
   Matt Tritto, M.S., BCBA
   Clinical Director

Matt Tritto is a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 16-years-experience working with children, teens, and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Matt earned Master of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from St. Cloud State University. Matt loves the work he does and has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of families in California.

After graduating from Loyola Marymount University, Matt had the opportunity to teach children with autism under the direction of a PhD. From UCLA. He immediately knew this was the career for him. Matt worked as the Clinical Director of an Early Intervention ABA program in Northern California, as well as the Program Director of a school for children, teens, and adults with autism.

Matt has provided education and training to hundreds of families, teachers, and autism specialists across California. He loves working with families, and his positive energy, solution-oriented approach, and expertise in teaching make him highly effective.

Matt lives in Long Beach with his wife, Lori, and their two awesome sons. Matt loves coaching baseball, relaxing with his family at the beach, reading, doing yoga, and playing with his boys. While Matt is proud of his professional accomplishments, he takes the greatest pride in being a Dad.

Brandon Yim
   Brandon Yim
   Director of Operations

The process of getting services can be complicated, confusing, and stressful. Brandon has been working with families for over 10 years, and is an expert on navigating families through the funding process. Brandon is a great guy with a big heart, and he cares deeply about the families we serve. He is patient, friendly, and informed, and he works with the family to help relieve the stress parents may be experiencing regarding obtaining services. As Director of Operations, Brandon works on the family's behalf with insurance companies and Regional Centers to make this process as smooth and successful as possible. He can answer questions about assessments, authorizations, and funding. He works tirelessly to help the families get the services they need!! In his free time, he likes rooting for all the LA sports teams, fishing, and eating sushi!

Ericka Lagamn
   Ericka Rockwell, M.S., BCBA
   Clinical Supervisor

Ericka Rockwell is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with Master of Science in Counseling emphasizing in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has more than a decade of experience working with children and young adults, and loves the work that she does!

It was during Ericka’s junior year at the University of California, Irvine, that she began working with children. Soon after she graduated from college, she began working with children with autism and other developmental delays. Her passion for teaching grew and inspired her to pursue the master’s program at California State University, Los Angeles, where she graduated with honors.

Ericka has extensive experience in teaching language, communication, social skills, and daily living skills. She is experienced in developing strategies for reducing challenging behavior as well as designing complex social programs for teenagers and young adults. She loves working with families, educating members of the community, and working to creating greater awareness of autism.

Ericka currently resides in the Long Beach area with her husband, Jeffrey. They were recently married and are hoping to start their own family soon! In the meantime, she enjoys traveling (especially any destination with a beach), working out, practicing yoga, and learning new recipes to cook on her free time.

Johanna Lorca
   Johanna Lorca, M.S., BCBA
   Clinical Supervisor

Each person is unique in all aspects, including the way in which they learn and develop. Johanna Lorca was interested in taking that information to help others learn and improve their quality of life.

Johanna studied Social Ecology and received her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of California, Irvine. As an undergraduate, she proceeded to work right away with families and their children with special needs, mostly children diagnosed with autism, across Southern California.

Passionate about teaching kids based on their individuality and working on their development with their family, Johanna pursued her Master of Science degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from California State University, Los Angeles. Soon after, she received board certification as a Behavior Analyst.

Johanna resides in Orange County, California. In her free time, Johanna enjoys practicing yoga, relaxing at the beach, and most importantly, spending time with her baby and husband!

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